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It may just be from a slight nose bleed. I get this with warfarin where the mucus can be spotted. At night the mucus is probably draining down your throat. I get this after a cold and often have a bit of a cough in the morning, particularly after cleaning my teeth. The blood would be bright red as it's come from the head and is highly oxygenated.How can the answer be improved? spit out blood from throat

Blood in phlegm. In young people who are generally healthy, coughing up blood is rarely a sign of serious illness. Sometimes a severe nosebleed or bleeding from the mouth or throat can cause blood to come out in your saliva when you cough. Less common causes of coughing up blood. Less commonly, coughing up blood may be the result of:

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So I've noticed that I have been spitting blood after I vomit. for the past two years this has been happening to me, DoctorSpring. com. Should I get checked out? Asked by: Submitted: 4 Days. Vomiting involves extreme contractions and stretching of your gastro intestinal tract from stomach to throat. This can lead to mucosal and small

Hi James, I also get a burning painsore throat after spitting blood up. I also get out of breath and a tight chest. I have had an ENT, blood tests, Xray and the dentist!

See a physician: You may have an infection that needs treatment with an antibiotic. For this you will need an examination by physician. A sore throat with mucus that has blood in it needs to be seen. In the meantime gargle with some warm salt water 1 teaspoon of salt in a large glass of water.

Infections. Some of the more common infections include bacterial infections (especially those around mouth, nose, and throat), gum disease, and gingivitis. More serious infections like syphilis and gonorrhea can also cause bloody spit. Viral infections like chicken pox and herpes can also cause blood in the spit.

I have been spitting up blood when I clear my throat and am concerned. Doesn't seem to be coming from my mouth, no cough, just clearing my throat of phlegm (I have bad postnasal drip issues). I had a chest CT 6 weeks ago, it was clear. I have a 9 packyear smoking history. Any advice? Concerned about lung

Mar 03, 2017 Blood spit may result from coughing, or may be just present in the saliva in the morning or blood may come out every now and then. It may be associated with pain in the mouth, cough, stomach pain or other symptoms depending on the underlying cause of blood in saliva in the morning. Hence, this condition needs a thorough understanding of the

The blood can come from the nose, throat, upper airways, or lungs. The medical term for coughing up blood Seeing blood when you cough can be alarming, whether its a large or small amount. Coughing up blood is nearly always a symptom of a disease. The blood can come from the nose, throat, upper airways, or lungs.

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Coughing up blood, that is, blood in the phlegm, can be a scary experience. Medically it is called haemoptysis and is defined as spitting up of blood or bloody mucus from the lungs and throat.

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